Once upon a time there was a little design studio who listened intently to their clients design aspirations. They worked very hard together and created beautiful designs and from that day on, they all lived happily ever after.

Behind every great design there is an even better story. Did you know that the brand Lego came from a combination of the Danish ‘Leg Godt’, which means to ‘play well’. Lego also means ‘I put together’ in Latin, but the Lego Group claim this is only a coincidence. Then look at IKEA, its name is a composite of the first letters in the Swedish founder Ingvar Kamprad’s name, plus the first letters of the names of the property and the village in which he grew up – Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. Coca-Cola derived from the coca leaves and kola nuts used as flavouring. Founder John S. Pemberton changed the ‘K’ of Kola to ‘C’ to make the name look better and then we have Starbucks, named after Starbuck, a character in Herman Melville’s novel ‘Moby-Dick’.

Whether you are a big blue chip company or a business startup, everyone has a story to tell…what’s your once upon a time? drop me an email, looking forward to hearing from you.